Annual Parish Meeting Monday 23 May 2022

On behalf of the MAPC Chairman, all residents are invited to attend the Annual Parish Meeting at the Village Hall on Monday 23 May from 7.30pm.

Please find following agenda

Please note, this is a public meeting, and you may be filmed, recorded and published

The business to be transacted at the meeting is as follows:

1. Approval of the Minutes Clerk

2. Approval of minutes from previous Annual Parish Meeting

3. Apologies

4. Chairman’s report

5. North Northampton Councill Report

6. Police report

7. Footpath Warden Report

8. Mears Ashby Charities report

a) Town Estates

b) Poors Close

c) Sarah Kinloch

9. All Saints Church / PCC Report

10. Youth Club report

11. Village Hall report

12. Mears Ashby Society report

13. Neighbourhood Watch report

14. Village Life Report

15. Allotments Report

16. Community Speed Watch Report

17. Open Forum

a) Reporting Faults with roads, paths, etc.

b) Defibrillators – Maintenance & Operation

18. Chairman’s closing statement