Northampton Neighbourhood Alerts

Northamptonshire Police have relaunched their police message alert system, the Northamptonshire Neighbourhood Alert System.

This system is designed to help people living and working in Northamptonshire be much better informed about crime and police activity in their local area, and keep their communities safe.

The messaging service, called Northamptonshire Neighbourhood Alert (formerly known as Community Connect), now has greater functionality than previously, allowing frontline officers to send alert messages direct from their mobile devices to thousands of local people. They will be able to do this in real-time while they are out and about policing the county.

The alert service is simple to activate and this can be done by clicking the link below.

This system is available to anyone living or working in Northamptonshire.

After signing up to the messaging system, people will receive regular alerts from Northamptonshire Police, Neighbourhood Watch and other partner organisations, keeping them up to date and informed about crime and issues relevant to them and the area where they live or work.

Alerts are received either by email, text message or voice message – whichever suits. People will also be given the option of what they want to receive alerts about, and how often – they will only receive messages about topics that they have selected. Signing up the messaging service is really simple and quick. The alert system is completely secure and registration is free.

You can pick multiple areas of interest, such as business, vehicles, animals and more, as well as different areas of the county.

The neighbourhood policing team are committed to sending regular updates, so it will benefit residents a great deal by signing up.

Sign up for Neighbourhood alert