Parish Councillors

A parish council is the level of elected government that is closest to the community, with the district authority above it in the hierarchy. Parish councils have no true equivalent in urban areas. Being close to the community, parish councils are very often the first place people will go with concerns or ideas. For this reason they play a vital part in village life, making decisions on behalf of the people in the parish. A parish councillor must have a passion for making a difference within their local community, recognising the needs of the young and the elderly in equal measure while taking into consideration the legal boundaries in which they work.

The number of councillors making up a parish council varies. Their work is entirely voluntary; no Councillor receives any payment for attending the meetings.

Details of the current Councillors their responsibilities and their Clerk are included below.

Parish Councillors' Register of Interest Information

Chair Person

Cllr. Victoria Smith

Responsibilities: Village Life Magazine/Youth Club

Contact Information:

18 Bakehouse Lane, Mears Ashby, NN6 0ED


Tel 01604 812239

Vice Chair Person

Cllr: Edward Leaf

Responsibilities: Streetlights/Internal Control Officer/ Financial Risk Assessment

Contact Information:

4 Vicarage Lane, Mears Ashby, NN6 0EE


Tel: 01604 378341

Parish Council Clerk

Mr. Mike Billingham CILCA

Responsibilities: Proper Officer / Responsible Finance Officer / Website

Contact Information:

35 Willow Crescent, Great Houghton, Northampton NN4 7AP


Tel: 07754 570186

Parish Councillors

Cllr. Tim Graham

Responsibilities: Sarah Kinloch Charity / Mears Ashby Society/Town Estates/Litter Warden

Contact Information:

15 Bakehouse Lane, Mears Ashby, NN6 0ED


Tel: 01604 812814

Cllr: Charles Stockdale

Responsibilities: Planning

Contact Information:

Ivy Cottage, 26 Wilby Road, Mears Ashby, NN6 0DX


Tel: 01604 810913

Cllr: Paul Jamieson

Responsibilities: Planning / Speed Camera

Contact Information:

9 Wellingborough Road, Mears Ashby, NN6 0DZ


Tel: 01604 813510

Cllr: Ivan Roy

Responsibilities: Highways / Streetlights

Contact Information:

1 Hill Farm Court

Mears Ashby


Tel: 01604 813712



Contact Information:



Borough Councillors

Cllr: Jennie Bone

Contact Information:

40 Chester Road, Wellingborough, NN8 1NY


phone: 01933 563873 or 07771 681964

Cllr: Clive Hallam

Contact Information:

Hambury Lodge, 104 Orlingbury Road, Isham, NN14 1HW


phone: 07799 133301

County Councillor

Cllr: Robert Gough


phone: 07791 519269

twitter: @GoughRMP


Chris Heaton-Harris MP

Chris can be contacted at any time through the following means:

Chris Heaton-Harris MP, House of Commons, London, SW1 0AA

phone: 0207 2197048 or 01604 859721